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Paddles ready... Go!

There’s nothing more pleasant than to drift with the current on a lake or river. So, if you like boating, put your skills to the test with our various lake and river activities, and you are sure to be carried away!

Canoeing/Kayaking, Hawaiian Outrigger Canoeing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding or Rafting... All these activities can be booked on our site:

  • Canoeing/KayakingCanoeing/Kayaking
  • Hawaiian Outrigger CanoeingHawaiian Outrigger Canoeing
  • Stand-up paddle-boardingStand-up paddle-boarding
  • RaftingRafting
  • Canioning in BidarrayCanioning

Not a fan of paddling? Then let the wind take you. A Windsurfer or Catamaran, makes for effortless sailing. Or just about!

  • CatamaranCatamaran
  • WindsurfingWindsurfing

With our lake and river activities, let the sensations wash over you, not the waves! You will be immersed in happiness... and perhaps just a little bit wet - who knows?

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