A breath of fresh air

We all need fresh air. And that’s understatement, after several months at work. Come and fill your lungs in and around your campsite.

For those who really need to let off steam, paintballing, Skateboarding, or High Rope will allow you to burn off that pent-up surplus energy (which you thankfully didn’t unleash on your colleague).
And for those who have had to put up all year with the boundless energy of children or colleagues (mentioning no names, of course), Archery is an ideal way to refocus!

  • PaintballingPaintballing
  • SkateboardingSkateboarding
  • High RopeHigh Rope
  • ArcheryArchery

For speed fiends

For you, the holidays are all about feeling alive!

Make the most of the safety of our facilities to burn some rubber! Go Karting, Quad-Biking, or choose between the more original Segway, Electric Skateboard, OneWheel, Electric Scooter or even HoverKart. The choice is yours!

  • KartingKarting
  • Quad-BikingQuad-Biking
  • Quad-BikingQuad Touring
  • SegwaySegway

No need to rush around booking your activities once you’re here. Why not Booking online, dnow? It’s dead easy!

  • Electric SkateboardElectric Skateboard
  • OneWheelOneWheel
  • Electric ScooterElectric Scooter
  • HoverKartHoverKart

That way, you can save all your energy to come first and, who knows, maybe even beat your kids!

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