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Want to let your mind wander or improve your general knowledge?

We work hard to offer you the best possible options close to where you are staying.
For instance, the more curious can enjoy a Landes Emotions show or a visit to the Ecomusée De Marquèze (ecomuseum), les Grottes de Sare (prehistoric caves), la Cité de l'Océan(marine science and surf museum) and Aquarium de Biarritz.

  • Ecomusée de MarquèzeEcomusée de Marquèze
  • Landes EmotionsLandes Emotions
  • Grottes de SareGrottes de Sare
  • Cité de l'océanCité de l'océan
  • Aquarium de BiarritzAquarium de Biarritz

Meanwhile, foodies will not want to miss out on discovering the ins and outs of a Traditional Brewery or Chocolate Factory, and will be rewarded for their efforts with a small tasting.

  • Traditional BreweryTraditional Brewery
  • CChocolate FactoryChocolate Factory

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